Choosing the right bra

In a survey conducted on behalf of the Japanese company Wacoal lingerie, proved that nearly 90 million women over 18 wear the wrong bra size, which means that 8 out of 10 women choose the wrong bra!

Below you will find exactly how you should choose your bra so that it is ideal for your breasts.

1) Measure the circumference of the chest, that is, where the bra just ends. Take an exhalation and keep the measuring tape tight, but not so tight that it bothers you. The tape measure must be parallel to the floor.  If it counts in centimeters, the number you see is your bra size, e.g. 65, 70, 75, etc. If you are somewhere in between, add or remove according to the nearest size. B.C. if the circumference of your chest is 73 or 74 cm. go to number 75, if 71 and 72 go to number 70.

2) Measure the circumference of your breast with the measuring tape not too tight at the nipple height (you should not press your chest inward) and parallel to the ground, that is, at the same height from the floor around.

Now, look at the photo and find that fits you.

Chest circumference = 75cm
Breast circumference = 93cm
Performance: Based on the table, the right bra for you is 75D.

Application wrong problems

  • Marks from the bra strap: Try to relax your bra straps a little, or just pick a more brated bra with wider straps that you can add and remove whenever you want.
  • Straps that fall: you need to tighten your bra straps or drop one size into a cup.
  • Wrapped Cups: Choose a cup size smaller.
  • Old & worn underwire: throw away the bra directly. The metal or plastic underwire that the bra has to support the breast is obviously spoilt. And not only does not support the breast properly, but it can cause an accident by nailing you into an unsuspecting moment.
  • The back of your bra rises up on your back: you have to drop a number on your bra and raise a number in the case.
  • The elastic leaves a mark: you either have to loosen the clasp, or raise a number on your bra and drop down a cup number.
  • Your chest overflows: you have to raise a cup number.
  • Your bras leave a mark on the upper chest: you have to raise a cup number.
  • You feel pain or annoyance at the side of the breast: these cups are too narrow for you. Even if the size is right, you need to change your bra design.

Attention: There are small differences from brand to brand, from design to design even of the same company, but also from material to material so, in order to be sure you chose the right one, always try your bra before you buy it!